Website Statistics

In 2014 the website had approximately 80,000 unique visitors making 264,000 visits generating 730,000 page views and 111,000 downloads.

In 2013 the website had approximately 82,000 unique visitors making 241,000 visits generating 819,000 page views and 186,000 downloads.

In 2012, the website had approximately 71,000 unique visitors making 216,000 visits generating 746,000 page views and 198,000 downloads.
(Are you using effective tools to support patients facing tough cancer-related decisions? Saarimaki A, Stacey D. Can Oncol Nurs J. 2013 Spring;23(2):137-44.)

Top 10 Web Pages in 2014
Page ViewsWeb Page
69,091 Patient Decision Aids home page
22,642 A to Z Inventory of Decision Aids - Search
18,795 Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG)
17,213 Alphabetical List of Decision Aids by Health Topic
11,470 Ottawa Decision Support Tutorial (ODST)
9,717 Available Ottawa Patient Decision Aids
8,872 Evaluation Measures
7,459 Patient Decision Aids Developed by Others
6,786 Development Toolkit
6,612 Ottawa Patient Decision Aid Development eTraining
Top 10 Downloads in 2014
11,007 Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG)
4,743 User Manual - Decisional Conflict Scale
4,469 Making Choices: The Use of Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation for Severe Chronic Pulmonary Disease
3,345 Integrating Evidence-based Patient Decision Support in Nursing Curriculum
3,254 Complete Inventory - Decision Aid Library Inventory (DALI)
3,097 Faire des choix: L’installation d’une sonde d’alimentation à long terme chez les patients âgés
2,753 Ottawa Decision Support Framework (ODSF)
2,393 Understanding the Options: Planning care for critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Unit
2,378 Systematic Review - Decision aids for people facing health treatment or screening decisions
2,093 Making Choices: Feeding Options for Patients with Dementia

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