Decisional Conflict Scale

The decisional conflict scale (DCS) measures personal perceptions of:

  1. uncertainty in choosing options;
  2. modifiable factors contributing to uncertainty such as feeling uninformed, unclear about personal values and unsupported in decision making; and
  3. effective decision making (in full version) such as feeling the choice is informed, values-based, likely to be implemented and expressing satisfaction with the choice.

The User Manual describes the properties, scoring and directions for administration for each of the DCS versions. The 4 versions are listed below along with links to available translations.

You may use any of these measurement tools without requesting permission. These tools are protected by copyright but are freely available for you to use, provided you: a) cite the reference in any questionnaires or publications; b) do not charge for or profit from them; and c) do not alter them except for adding a specific condition/decision as necessary.

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Last modified: 2023-11-15.