Evaluation Measures

Measurement tools developed to operationalize the variables in the Ottawa Decision Support Framework are provided with a user manual. Some tools are available in multiple languages.

Patient Decision Aids Research Group – Ottawa
Barriers & Facilitators Survey Tool
Decision Regret Scale
Decision Self Efficacy Scale
Decision Support Analysis Tool (DSAT-10)
Decisional Conflict Scale
Decisional Needs Assessment in Populations
Measures of Decision/Choice Predisposition
Preparation for Decision Making Scale
Realistic Expectations
Stage of Decision Making

Health Decision Sciences Center – Boston
Decision quality instruments

The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science – Hanover
Observer OPTION Instrument

For tools developed by the
Patient Decision Aids Research Group

A sample of each tool is provided, along with a User Manual describing the tool's properties, scoring and directions for administration.

You may use any of these measurement tools without requesting permission. These tools are protected by copyright but are freely available for you to use, provided you: a) cite the reference in any questionnaires or publications; b) do not charge for or profit from them; and c) do not alter them except for adding a specific condition/decision as necessary.

Important Citations


If you are interested in translating any of these tools we recommend that the original scale be translated by two independent translators. The two translations should then be compared, and differences resolved. A process of cultural adaptation may then be needed, e.g. using a focus group of professionals or users. Finally, the scale should be translated back into English, again using two independent translators, and the results compared with the original.


Last modified: 2022-10-20.