Step 4.2: Provide training

Provide training for health professionals.

4.2 Training Activities
The Cochrane Review of Interventions to Increase Adoption of Shared Decision Making found that when health professionals participated in education, they were more likely to use patient decision aids and share decision making with patients. The following are evidence and theory-based educational programs developed and evaluated by our research program.

  1. Ottawa Decision Support Tutorial (ODST)
    The ODST is an online tutorial based on the Ottawa Decision Support Framework and designed to help health professionals further develop their knowledge and skills in providing decision support. The ODST features:
    • Self-paced learning
    • Self-assessment quizzes with tailored feedback at the end of each section
    • Criterion-referenced final test
    • Certificate of Completion (for scores of 75% or more on the final test)
    • Downloadable PDF version of online reading
    Log in requires selection of your own user name and password. Anyone may use the ODST for educational purposes at no cost without permission. The ODST is protected by copyright but is freely available for you to use, provided you cite the original source. Findings from multiple studies show that health professionals and students who use the tutorial have improved knowledge (compared to baseline scores and when compared to control groups).
  2. Video example of the Shared Decision Making (SDM) process
    Click here to watch Canadian videos illustrating a shared decision-making process in a medical encounter regarding:
    • Use of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infection
    • Prenatal testing for Down Syndrome
    • Video example of an Interprofessional approach to shared decision making for decision about location of care for frail elderly — Should I stay in my home or move?
  3. Interprofessional Shared Decision Making (IP-SDM) Skill-Building Workshop
    Based on the key elements of the IP-SDM conceptual model, this 3-hour workshop aims to build skills in considering team-based approach to involving patients in the decision making process, assessing patients' decisional needs, using evidence- and theory-based interventions to support or coach patients making decisions, self-appraising the quality of decision support, and exploring ways to implement decision support. If you are interested in the workshop please contact us at for information on availability and cost. Findings from multiple studies show that health professionals who participate in the workshop have improved skills (compared to baseline scores and when compared to control groups).
  4. Inventory of Shared Decision Making Programs for Healthcare Professionals Created by France Légaré as part of the "Effective Continuing Professional Development for Translating Shared Decision Making in Primary Care" project funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.
  5. Credit Courses in Decision Making
  6. Curriculum-Based Tools
    Integrating Patient Decision Support in Curriculum
    Stepwise series of lectures, problem-based case scenarios, and assignments that can be embedded as a thread across a curriculum for health professionals.

Examples of additional resources

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