Step 4.1: Implement decision aids and support

Implement decision aids and decision support using strategies tailored to overcome barriers in the setting.

4.1 Implementation Strategies

  1. For patients and health professionals

    How can decision aids and decision support be implemented? Are strategies needed to overcome barriers likely to interfere with use? Do health professionals recognize a need to better support patients making decisions?

    Choose strategies that are evidence-based and likely to overcome known barriers. For example:

  2. Targeting the setting to ensure sustained changes

    Is there motivation from managers and/or leaders within the organization; if not, how can they be motivated? What are the current care pathways? Can decision aids and decision support be implemented into the pathway?

    Choose strategies that are evidence-based, more embedded within organizational structures, and likely to overcome known barriers. For example:

    • Use information gained in Steps 1 to 3
    • Add patient decision aids to the care pathways and identify who is most responsible for providing patients with decision aids
    • Link health information resources to electronic health records to ease documentation and flag relevant resources "just in time" (e.g. 1 page summary report)
    • Ensure clear mandate to use patient decision aids and provide decision support
    • Choose other effective interventions targeting the health care setting based on the Cochrane Effective Practice and Organizational of Care Group

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