Ottawa Personal Decision Guide - Example Video

This example, produced at Algonquin College in Ottawa, shows the use of the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG) during a simulated decision coaching session between an academic advisor and a student making a social decision. This same process can be used to guide someone making any health or social decisions (or the OPDG could be used independently by the person making the decision).

Copies of the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide:

Video segments linked to steps in the OPDG

Version of the video segments with Mandarin Chinese and English subtitles.
Translation by Chun Yi Wu, Puzi Hospital, Taiwan (November 2018).

You may use these videos for non-profit, educational purposes at no cost without permission.

These videos are protected by copyright but are freely available for you to use, provided you cite the original reference.

Suggested citation:   Patient Decision Aids Research Group (2012). Ottawa Personal Decision Guide - Example Video. Retrieved YYYY-MM-DD from

Last modified: 2018-11-28.