The Ottawa Decision Support Framework: Update, Gaps and Research Priorities

Workshop — May 6-7, 2010 — Ottawa, Ontario

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  1. To review the evidence on the Ottawa Decision Support Framework (ODSF) and related tools, measurement instruments, and implementation interventions;
  2. To identify gaps in the evidence-base relevant to the ODSF; and
  3. To establish research priorities to address the identified gaps in the ODSF's evidence base and thereby advance the scientific knowledge to support patient involvement in decision making.
Activities Speakers / Facilitators
Introductions & Workshop Overview Dawn Stacey
Evolution of the ODSF
Patients' Decisional Needs – Synthesis of findings
Annette O'Connor
Patient Decision Aids based on ODSF – Synthesis of findings from RCT's Margaret Lawson &
Bill Brinkman
Decisional Conflict Scale – Synthesis of findings France Légaré
Decision Coaching and Training – Synthesis of findings Dawn Stacey
Proposed research agenda to address gaps in ODSF's evidence base (see summary report) All participants


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