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Decision Aid Summary

Title Panic disorder: Should I take medicine?
To access it Click here to view the decision aid on the developer website
Audience People who's panic attacks and anxiety interfere with their daily living.
Options included Take medicines for panic disorder, along with counseling or not.
Get counseling for treatment of panic disorder.
Year of last update or review 2022
Format Web, paper
Developer Healthwise
Where was it developed? www.healthwise.org
Health condition Panic Disorder
Type of decision aid Treatment
Language English
Based on IPDAS criteria (International Patient Decision Aid Standards) this decision aid (and/or supporting materials) meets:
7 out of 7 criteria to be defined as a patient decision aid
7 out of 8 criteria to lower the risk of making a biased decision
Not applicable: other criteria for decision aids about screening or testing

Last modified: 2024-03-04.