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Decision Aid Summary

Title A COVID-19 Decision Aid: How do I choose when to interact with people or take part in activities outside my home during the pandemic?
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Audience People who do not have COVID-19 symptoms, have not been exposed to a person with COVID-19 during the past 2 weeks, and are unsure whether they should interact with people or take part in certain activities outside their home.
Options included Low, medium, and high risk activities for COVID-19 exposure.
Factors that influence risk levels - age, underlying health conditions.
Personal values related to COVID-19.
Mode of transportation, physical distancing, use of face masks .
Activity at location - singing, shouting, exercising, eating and drinking.
High case or death rate in area related to COVID-19.
Year of last update or review 2020
Format Web, paper, PDF
Developer Lisa M. Brown, PhD, ABPP
Where was it developed? lbrown@paloaltou.edu
Palo Alto University
United States
Health condition Infectious Diseases
Type of decision aid Treatment
Language English, Spanish language is in development
Based on IPDAS criteria (International Patient Decision Aid Standards) this decision aid (and/or supporting materials) meets:
7 out of 7 criteria to be defined as a patient decision aid
8 out of 8 criteria to lower the risk of making a biased decision
Not applicable: other criteria for decision aids about screening or testing

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