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Decision Aid Summary

Title Making Choices: Should I Start Insulin?
To access it Click here to view the decision aid on the developer website
Audience People with type 2 diabetes, with poor blood sugar control, and have been advised by their doctor/ nurse to start insulin.
Options included Do nothing.
Follow stricter diet and exercise program.
Start insulin injection.
Add another type of diabetes tablet.
Start another type of injection (non-insulin).
Use alternative treatment.
Year of last update or review 2014
Format Web, paper, PDF
Developer Lee Yew Kong
Where was it developed? http://dmit.um.edu.my/?modul=DMIT_PDA
Department of Primary Care Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya
Health condition Diabetes Type 2
Type of decision aid Treatment
Language English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil
Based on IPDAS criteria (International Patient Decision Aid Standards) this decision aid (and/or supporting materials) meets:
7 out of 7 criteria to be defined as a patient decision aid
5 out of 8 criteria to lower the risk of making a biased decision
Not applicable: other criteria for decision aids about screening or testing

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