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Third ISDM Conference June 14-16, 2005 Ottawa Canada

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Shared Decision-Making in Health Care - Summer School
St Catherine's College, Oxford University
11-13 July 2001

Known as the Oxford Summer School on Shared Decision Making in Health Care, this meeting brought together the European health services and North American medical decision making research communities. It provided an opportunity for health care professionals and providers to benefit from their diverse experiences in this field.

The 2nd International Shared Decision Making Conference
Swansea Clinical School, University of Wales Swansea
2-4 September 2003

The second joint meeting of the European and North American decision-making research communities took place in Swansea, Wales. This conference subtitled "New Conversations with Patients", moved beyond the discussion of "whether" to involve patients in decision making and moved on to the issues of "when" and "how" this should be done. Here is a link to the Book of Abstracts (558KB PDF) from the conference.

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