Ottawa Personal Decision Guides

The Ottawa Personal Decision Guide (OPDG) and Ottawa Personal Decision Guide for Two (OPDGx2) are designed for any health-related or social decisions.

They can help people identify their decision making needs, plan the next steps, track their progress, and share their views about the decision. See this video example of the OPDG being used to coach someone making a decision.

They can be used by healthcare professionals to facilitate shared decision making.

Ottawa Personal Decision Guide: 2 page PDF form

Ottawa Personal Decision Guide
(Two-page interactive PDF. Fill in, save your answers, and print using Adobe Reader.)

French Spanish
Swedish German
Dutch Japanese
Danish Mandarin Chinese
Norwegian Sinhala
Canada - Indigenous Polish
Ottawa Personal Decision Guide for Two: 2 page PDF form

Ottawa Personal Decision Guide for Two
(Allows 2 people involved in the decision to complete the guide.)

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Swedish Japanese

You may use any of these guides without requesting permission. These guides are protected by copyright but are freely available for you to use, provided you: a) cite the reference in any documents or publications; b) do not charge for or profit from them; and c) do not alter them except for prefilling them for a specific condition/decision as necessary.

Last modified: 2023-11-15.