Third ISDM Conference June 14-16, 2005 Ottawa Canada
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Wednesday June 15, 2005
8:30 – 9:30
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J A Muir Gray

Muir Gray has worked in public health for 25 years. For the last ten years his principal interests have been screening and knowledge management, and as Director of R&D for Anglia and Oxford he was in a position to support the UK Cochrane Centre in its early days and in addition develop a number of initiatives designed to promote evidence-based decision-making.

As the Programmes Director of the UK National Screening Committee he has identified informed choice as one of the most important issues for people involved in screening in the 21st century and is fortunate in being able to work with groups in Oxford with an interest in many different aspects of communication with patients and informed decision-making. Dr. Gray is also Director of the National electronic Library for Health Project, soon to become the National Library for Health.

As the new Director of Clinical Knowledge Process and Safety for the National Programme for Information Technology in the UK he is responsible for ensuring that the Programme is ready for the world of 2010 which requires both stimulating change in the patient’s role, the clinician’s practice, and healthcare organization on one side and, on the other, changing the specifications for the National Programme in anticipation of the evolutionary changes in the role of the patient and clinician.

He is the author of the book Evidence-Based Healthcare, the second edition of which was published in 2001. He is also joint author of The Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice. His most recent book is The Resourceful Patient, published in April 2002.

In June 2005 Muir Gray was awarded a KBE for services to knowledge management in the NHS.

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